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  About AWOT
Core Competence

Customers :

Segmented commercial and industrial customers remain as our focal target in growing our customer base.

Carriers and Agency Partners:

Securing contracts, commitments and support from carriers in a supplier's market is a challenge.

Fulfilling them during the slow reasons is a bigger one. Together with our selective agency partners locally and around the world, We have proven it to be a success. We often exceed the expectations.


Employees and Management Staffs:

Highly educated and trained employees with great sense of responsibility.

Profound management staffs with effective management style.

Service Quality :

Service quality is about attitude. We listen to, analyse and accommodate what
   customers look for.

Sound Finance:

AWOT is fully capitalized, profitable and financially sound company.

Budget system assures that we grow in a manageable pace without financial stress.

Information System:

Cutting edge web-based "e-Collaboration platform" is accessible for authorized users to share information anywhere, any time. It provides instant connectivity, data processing, managerial analysis and reports. It also serves as the platform for shipment tracking and billing integration with customers.

Service Integrated Information Platform:
AWOT e-Collaboration
- Cutting-edge information technology
- Own business software R&D capability
- Rich experience of service integration
- Flexible communicate with customers and
Connected   Shared   Collaborated
AWOT EDI Service
- Provides direct access to shipment details.
- Saving you time and money.
- Configurable to your business needs.
- Easy-to-use web-based portal giving complete visibility to every shipment, from end-to-end, anywhere in the world.
- Multiple channels to track your shipments.
- By P.O. number, Container number, Shipper ref. number, Bill of lading or any other reference number you choose.
More Valuable Supply-chain Services:
- Customized Analysis Reporting Service
- Logistics System Integration Service
Cooperated Partners:
Connected to the major carriers
- EMC, CI, KE, BR, CK, CV, CX, EK, JL, KA, LH, MH, NH, SQ, TK, ZH etc.
- ANSI X12, IATA Cargo-IMP1, EDIFACT etc.
Track & Trace service
- Via email, instance message (like QQ, WeChat ), or web site.
eBilling for customers
- OnSEMI, Qualcomm, Benchmark
Customized data integration and analysis services

Our Culture:
  - Building future with actions now.
  - Accomplishing mission through team work.
  - Recognizing dignity, integrity and trustworthiness.
  - Exceeding customersexpectations by raising standards.
  - Searching excellence via innovations.
  - Creating win-win by way of self enhancement.

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