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  About AWOT
Core Competence

Customers :
  Segmented commercial and industrial customers remain as our focal target in growing our customer base.

Carriers and Agency Partners:
  Securing contracts, commitments and support from carriers in a supplier¡¯s market is a challenge. Fulfilling them during the slow reasons is a bigger one. Together with our selective agency partners locally and around the world, We have proven it to be a success. We often exceed the expectations.

Employees and Management Staffs:
   Highly educated and trained employees with great sense of responsibility.
   Profound management staffs with effective management style.

Service Quality :
   Service quality is about ¡°attitude¡±. We listen to, analyse and accommodate what
   customers look for.

Sound Finance:
   AWOT is fully capitalized, profitable and financially sound

   Budget system assures that we grow in a manageable pace
   without financial stress.

Information System:
   Central data base provides transparency and quality of data in real time manner.

Our Culture:
  - Building future with actions now.
  - Accomplishing mission through team work.
  - Recognizing dignity, integrity and trustworthiness.
  - Exceeding customers¡¯expectations by raising standards.
  - Searching excellence via innovations.
  - Creating win-win by way of self enhancement.

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