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The Pearl River Delta Economic Circle
  The Pearl River Delta Economic Circle is comprised by 9 cities sprawling along the Pearl River, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing. It covers an area of 24,437 square kilometers, occupying around 14% land of Guangdong Province. The population concerned is around 42.83 millions, equivalent to 61% of that of Guangdong
Province. Its GDP of 2011 reached RMB$ 4.397 trillions, equivalent to 83.46% of total GDP of Guangdong Province (RMB$ 5.267 trillions).
  The launching of China reform and open-door policy set off from the Pearl River Delta. Blessed by the new revoluntionary policy, special economic zones have been spiraled off, inducing foreign investment and technology progressively. Therefore, the Pearl River Delta is the first economic circle paying off in China by this new policy, and the first role model to be emulated by other two Economic Circles.
  By year of 2020, the Guangzhou-centered metropolis transportation grids will be built in Pearl River Economic Circle. The only goal of this achievement is to enable people and cargo to reach any desired destination in the circle within one hour, by way of umbrella-projected MRT (Metropolis Rapid Transportation). By then, the targeted GDP as well as GDP per capita will hit RMB$7.25 trillions, and US$19,400 respectively, the Pearl River Delta could then keep abreast with those developed countries.

Profile of Major Cities£º Population£¨according to the 2010 Census£©
2011 GDP (RMB/ billion Yuan)
¡¡Guangzhou is a renowned cultural metropolis with a history over 2,210 years. Being the provincial capital of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou also serves as the center of politics, economy, technology, education and culture in Guangdong. Cut across by Pearl River in downtown area.
¡¡Guangzhou is situated in the center of Southern China. The entire city covers 7,434.4 square kilometers of area. With the advent of economic reform, the economic achievement in Guangzhou is explicitly outstanding. The foreign tradde has been prosperous and the GDP hit RMB$ 123.03 billions recently, which justified its top three position of economic strength in China.
¡¡Guangzhou serves as the hub of both sea and air transportation, in compliance with its historical role as the first commercial portal for the foreign trade in China. The yearly held ¡®Canton Fair¡¯ still holds the record as the largest in scale, the longest in time span and the biggest in amounts of business deals, which earns the reputation as ¡®China no.1 Fair¡¯.
¡¡Shenzhen, adjacent with Hong Kong, connected with Dongguan and Huizhou in the north, covers the area of 1,952.84 square kilometers.
¡¡Shenzhen was the first special economic zone set up in China under the new economic reform policy, and thus was the first Chinese city open to the world.
¡¡Shenzhen was considered as the ¡®Chinese Cinderella¡¯ , for it evolved from rurally fishing village to modern city well known to the world, at the shortest time. The 2011 GDP of Shenzhen amounted to RMB$115.02 billions, ranking the fourth place in the 2nd tier cities in China, and the GDP per capita averaging at US$18,000. With the sustaining supports from reform and open-door policy, Shenzhen has been manifested as one of strategically techno pillars, national financing and information center, commerce & trading center, transportation hub, tourism attraction, and an international modern metropolis.
¡¡Facing with Hong Kong across the sea, Zhuhai is bordering with Macao on the south, and at the south tip of Pearl River Delta.
¡¡Zhuhai is one of six special economic zones of China, covering an area of 1,701 square kilo meters, with a population of 1.56 millions. The industries developed in Zhuhai are mainly electronics and communication equipments, electronics instruments, mechanics and office instruments.
¡¡The city owns beautiful natural sceneries, with a vast area of sea. The city planning and construction goes under graceful way and full of originality, reflecting the touch of ocean theme park, skillfully immerged with modern design. In 1991, thanks to its elegantly overall city image, Zhuhai was credited as one of the 40 best recommended tourist spots in China, by the State Tourism Administration.
¡¡Being the 3rd largest city in Guangdong Province, Foshan is an ancient city with a long history, and one of the key economic cities in Pearl River Delta. Foshan is also a famous hometown for overseas Chinese. There are more than 1.4 millions emigrants in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, originated from Foshan. The city covers an area of 3,848.49 sqaure kilo meters. In 2011 the GDP of Foshan hit RMB$658 billions.
¡¡The industries in Foshan were focused on optical display, LED lighting, automobile spare parts, mechanic equipment and so on. The ervice industry in Foshan is also developing fast, in which the financing and logistics have been taken shape, to form up as an integral economy.
¡¡Huizhou borders Daya Bay, and is connected with Shenzhen and Hong Kong on the south.
¡¡Huizhou is the city nearest to Hong Kong next to Shenzhen in China, and also a famous hometown for overseas Chinese. The city covers an area of 11,200 square kilo meters. Ever since the implementation of reform and open policy in China,
¡¡Huizhou has been an industry-oriented city unwaveringly. And resultantly, there are some reputed enterprises established locally. Huizhou¡¯s economic architecture is based on the information-related industry.
¡¡Jiangmen is situated in the west part of Pearl River Delta. 60 kilo meters from Guangzhou, 115 kilo meters from Hong Kong, 65 kilo meters from Macao and 85 kilo meters from Shenzhen, Jiangmen is not only one of key economic cities in Pearl River Delta, but also a causeway for provinces in south west China to be well connected with Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.
¡¡Jiangmen covers an area of 9,504 square kilo meters. Jiangmen is credited as the number one hometown for overseas Chinese, for its emigrants were over 4 millions all over the world.
¡¡Facing the estuary of Pearl River on the west, Dongguan is bordered with Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Huizhou. The city covers an area of 2,465 square kilo meters. The immigrants from Hong Kong, Macao and overseas were over 1.3 millions in Dongguan. The city economy is export-oriented, and the scale of manufacturing economy kept enlarging. In 2011, the GDP of Dongguan reached RMB$822 billlions. The industries in Dongguan is of high capacity, and boosted up by a seamless supply chain of production, and thus Dongguan becomes one of the largest production bases in the world.
¡¡Neighboring with Guangdong-Foshan Economic Circle on the east and Guangxi on the west, Zhaoqing possesses strategic location as a causeway linking coastal areas with inner hinterland. The distance from Guangzhou is less than 100 kilo meters, and makes Zhaoqin an one-hour within reach with Guangzhou. Zhaoqin is named as the city of ink stone in China, for its finest ink stone production, and considered as one of selective tourism spots in China.
¡¡Zhaoqin has a long history over one thousand years, and the visited tourists in 2011 hit 24.38 millions of people. Meantime in 2011, the GDP of Zhaoqin achieved RMB$132.3 billions. Zhaoqin covers an area of 15,000 square kilo meters.
¡¡Zhongshan is situated in the central south part of Pearl River Delta. The city is on the west bank of estuary of Pearl river, neighboring with Guangzhou on the north, and bordered with Hong Kong and Macao, covering an area of 1,783.67 square kilo meters. Zhongshan is the hometown of Nation Father Dr. Sun yat-Sen. There were over 800,000 emigrants from Zhongshan all over the world.
¡¡Zhongshan provides with alluring investment environment, taking up the policy of industry-orientation. Thus Zhongshan is an important production base for lighting, metal hardwares, audio&vedio, textile (particularly of jeans).

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