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Global shipyards face crisis with receding box ship orders [2020-7-31]
Increasing use of digital air cargo bookings despite Covid-19 outbreak [2020-7-31]
Xiamen port gets official nod to add new automated container berth [2020-7-31]
India-China trade falls 7pc as diplomatic chill takes hold to darken prospects [2020-7-31]
Biggest box ship fate unsure - much capacity chases too little cargo [2020-7-24]
Risk management concerns rising at ports in area of compliance [2020-7-24]
China aims to boost smart shipping industry [2020-7-24]
Floods in China disrupt Yangtze River cargo flow [2020-7-24]
US Hong Kong Autonomy Act now law, ending preferential trade status [2020-7-17]
Cosco and Alibaba join forces in bid to transform shipping via Blockchain [2020-7-17]

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