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US imports to suffer double digit declines even as stores begin to reopen [2020-5-14]
China-Europe rail freight set to boom amid virus outbreak [2020-5-6]
Blank sailings hits a peak in Asia, Europe, America, Mediterranean trades [2020-5-6]
Asia-Europe rates down 1.9pc to US$739/TEU, USWC surge 15.3pc at $1,724/FEU [2020-5-6]
China's checks on PPE exports push up air cargo rates, capacity shortage worsens [2020-5-6]
Apparel supply chains are in flux with Asia emerging the winning supplier [2020-4-26]
Coronavirus counter measures could drive 'catastrophic drop' in rates [2020-4-26]
FIATA calls for reasonable box demurrage and detention charges [2020-4-26]
Industry shows capacity discipline in face of virus: Sea-Intelligence [2020-4-26]
US: China will make agricultural purchases under trade deal [2020-4-17]

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