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Low volumes prompt truck gate closures at Los Angeles, Long Beach


CONTAINER terminals in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach closed down their truck gates for several hours on Monday and Los Angeles operators repeated this action again this week owing to low volumes post Chinese New Year.

The terminals plan to uphold normal off-peak hours on the second shift (6pm to 3am) and on Saturday (8am to 5pm) that are partially funded with the money they receive from PierPass congestion mitigation fees, reported American Shipper.

APM Terminals' Pier 400 facility in Los Angeles was closed during the first shifts on March 19, March 20 and March 22 and opened during the second shift; Yusen Terminals was closed for the first shift on Monday and Tuesday; Everport Terminal Services was open Monday for empty receiving only and closed on Tuesday; TraPac was closed during the first shift on Monday; And TTI in Long Beach was closed March 19-21.

American Coffee Corp president Don Pisano expressed frustration with the cutback in hours, saying it "clearly inhibits the ability of beneficial cargo owners to move containers off terminals in a timely and efficient manner."

"This is ridiculous," he said. "Our trucker and warehouse work on normal daytime schedules. The warehouse we use operates from 6am - 3pm. We can't have them waiting until 7pm at best, 8pm or 9pm to receive containers.

"As you know, the drivers are limited in their hours of service," he added. "While we will not incur the TMF fee during late hours, the draymen will have to alter some of their drivers regular work to pull the containers at night at a higher pay rate.

"They will also have to bring the containers to the trucker's yard for overnight storage before delivering them to the warehouse the next morning for unloading. We will therefore be charged for the additional move required and overnight yard storage," Mr Pisano explained.

"Our trucker has limited yard space and likely will not able to hold all the containers that would be required in a secured environment. What they are unable to handle at night either due to available drivers or yard space capacity, we may run into demurrage charges or detention charges when trying to return the empties.

"Any containers we are not able to pick up at night, we will have to request for extensions in our free time but have no idea whether that will be granted or not," he added.

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