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Sea-rail intermodal seminar held in Changsha; customs clearance improved


THE Changsha-Shenzhen CCT/SCT Sea-rail Intermodal Promotion Seminar was held in Changsha on July 4 to boost development of sea-rail transport in Pan-Pearl River Delta Region.

The seminar was organised in response to a national proposal to increase energy-saving, reduce carbon emissions and strengthen environmental protection, as well as to provide a public platform for carriers and customers to discuss these issues.

The event was hosted by China Merchants Holdings (International) which plans to focus on developing new business in the region, the Shenzhen Municipal Communication Bureau, China Railway Container Transportation Co, the Changsha Municipal Communication Bureau and Changsha Municipal Trade Bureau.

"Sea-rail transport is an important part of the logistics chain, in particular of the modern logistics and multi-mode transportation system. With the changing China economy and global economy structural adjustment, the ratio of sea-rail transport in China is expected to be increased year by year," a statement from Chiwan Container Terminal (CCT) Co, Ltd said.

"This mode of transport does not only fit with the principles of energy saving, waste minimisation and environmental protection, but also serves as a convenient, safe and reliable transport tool to get over the bottleneck for the client group in the mainland with a relatively low logistics cost."

To ease sea-rail transport bottlenecks Changsha and Shenzhen have built a channel in the Pan-Pearl River Delta that connects the central and eastern parts of the nation. This comes as integration with the northern coastal region has been driven by regional economic development.

In a related development, the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Office in Chiwan is now providing an Inspection & Quarantine Affair function in a bid to improve the efficiency of port customs clearance procedures.

Inspection and Quarantine declaration functions cover import containers shipped via the Chiwan Container Terminal, empty containers, cargoes which need to be verified at the Chiwan office, and the modification of documents.

As a result, part of the cargo shipped via Chiwan can directly be handled by Inspection and Quarantine declaration at the Chiwan office to complete document verification, charge billing and paying, and print customs clearance forms. Customers do not need to go to the Inspection and Quarantine office operated by the Shekou Bureau at Qianhai Bay to make the declaration. However, cargo requiring an Inspection and Quarantine certificate will still need to be dealt with by the Shekou Bureau.

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