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PierPass 2.0 at LA and LB ports to start Nov 19


THE revised OffPeak programme for providing extended gate hours at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach - dubbed PierPass 2.0 - is due to be implemented on November 19, subject to the conclusion of applicable US Federal Maritime Commission procedures.

The changes to the OffPeak programme are being made in response to requests from port users, who seek increased flexibility and a reduction in the bunching up of trucks that often occurs before the start of the night-time OffPeak shifts.

PierPass announced in April that it will overhaul the model used by its OffPeak programme for truck traffic mitigation at the port complex, replacing the current congestion-pricing model with an appointment-based system that uses a single flat fee on both daytime and night-time container moves, reported Associated Press.

Most companies moving containers through the ports are already registered with PierPass to claim containers moved during peak (weekday daytime) hours. Under the revised system, they will claim containers moved at any hour.

Given that nine of the 12 terminals at the two adjacent ports already use appointment systems, most trucking firms serving the ports are already using these systems. The remaining three terminals, all operated by SSA Marine, are planning to launch their own appointment systems in advance of the implementation.

As previously announced, the current Traffic Mitigation Fee of US$72.09 per TEU will be replaced by a new flat fee of $31.52 per TEU; the rate for all other size containers will be a flat fee of $63.04.

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