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Taiwan companies spooked, some consider moving from mainland China


A LARGE number of Taiwanese companies that have been operating in mainland China are considering moving out to Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand because of the Sino-American trade war, reports the American Journal of Transportation.

While many Taiwanese companies in China are mulling migration from China and looking to relocate their operations to a country in Southeast Asia, there are also some who are thinking of returning to Taiwan, said the report.

"It's the character of the modern supply chains which are, essentially, global in nature and extend beyond national borders," said Taiwan Trade Development Council (TAITRA) president Walter Yeh.

"Many Taiwanese companies have maintained manufacturing operations in China because of its lower production and labour costs, he said.

"However, these costs have dramatically risen in recent years. The US-China trade tensions have added to the worries of the Taiwanese companies which are looking for alternative manufacturing sites in the region," Mr Yeh told AJOT in an interview in Taipei.

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