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LA-Long Beach gate fees rise 4.2pc to US$33.47/TEU from August 1


TRAFFIC mitigation fees levied at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will increase 4.2 per cent to US$33.47 per TEU for day and night shifts from August 1, reports IHS Media.

Terminal operators will increase the traffic mitigation fee (TMF) used to fund night and weekend gates, based on the west coast longshore contract, the West Coast Marine Terminal Operators Agreement (WCMTOA) has announced.

Exempt containers include empties, laden containers that transit the Alameda Corridor, and containers that are transshipped. Empty chassis and bobtail trucks are also exempt, WCMTOA said in a statement.

In addition to the 8am to 5pm weekday gates that most US ports offer, the 12 container terminals in southern California normally operate four weeknight gates and one weekend day gate.

When it was instituted in 2005, the TMF was charged only on container moves made during the peak daytime hours when traffic on local streets and freeways was the heaviest.

Trucks in the off-peak hours did not pay the fee, but that changed in late 2018. By discouraging daytime traffic, the TMF created operational problems, including truck "bunching" in the late afternoon as truckers queued up outside the gates, waiting for the fee to end with the beginning of the night shift.

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