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Shenzhen ports implement cheaper, faster cargo inspection system


SHENZHEN will now employ a new cargo clearance system for cross border and quarantine inspection using a single pass rather than a double pass used before as a cost cutting and efficiency enhancing measure, Xinhua reports.

After the implementation of "through clearance", it is expected to save CNY600 (US$87.13) to clear a container and to shorten the process from two days to one.

Export companies can conduct the clearance procedures at customs where the exports are declared with the inspection certificate issued by the CIQ on place of origin.

It is no longer necessary for companies to apply twice to the port office and receive two examinations at the port checking office as they were obliged to do before. Goods will now be checked once by CIQ at destination where they are delivered, said the Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

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